Safe Resting Tips for Drivers

Driving when you are fatigued can be just as fatal as driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Fatigue is a condition that affects everyone and it is typically associated with long distance driving. Here you will find some short tips to prevent fatigue from making you another crash statistic.

  • Get enough sleep the night before your trip (at least six hours is recommended).
  • Don’t consume any alcohol before or during your trip.
  • Avoid overeating and heavy foods before or during your trip.
  • If you can, plan to have another person to ride with you. That will make trip more interesting, you will have someone to talk to and share driving if you are lucky enough.
  • Avoid driving during your body’s downtime.
  • During long trip, plan regular breaks every two hours or every 170 km. It is good idea to determine a reasonable distance in advance, and stop driving when you reach it.
  • Be on alert for signs of sleepiness (trouble keeping your eyes open, yawning frequently or difficulty paying attention). If you notice any of these signs, stop periodically for a rest. During your break, get some exercise. You can also try to have a quick nap (even 20 minutes will help).
  • Always plan to stop for a rest at a designated rest area or safe parking lot. It is not advisable to pull of to the side of the road to sleep, but if you have to try to stay safe.
  • If you have to stop at roadside resting area, choose resting area patrolled by a police.
  • Lock all doors and open windows just a little to give yourself some outside air, but make sure they are closed enough to prevent entry from the outside.
  • If you have to stop during night, find a lighted area to park.

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