We all know that men’s health, usefulness, and happiness here depend on the perfection and utility of the spiritual body, physical body he inhabits, and its maintenance in health and harmony.

Delivering the right therapy at the right time to optimize medical treatment should be the aim of every knowledgeable modern physician. This new breed of real physicians are working hard to understand how working in tandem with patient and synchronizing treatment with the body’s natural rhythms can make therapy more effective in battling disease, significantly reduce side effects and even prolong life.

Although this new type of medicine is still in its infancy, we know it is on its way, and represents a whole new era in modern medicine.

Did You Know That?

  • You can cut osteoporosis risk if you eat well-balanced diet that is nutritious, and contains adequate amounts of calcium, and vitamin D, which are important in the maintenance of skeletal health. Try to exercise. Physical activity causes the body to deposit more minerals in the legs, hips and spine, making them stronger and less vulnerable to disease.
  • E. coli and other dangerous bugs can cause serious problems, even kidney failure. Food-borne illnesses is pretty darn easy to avoid. CLICK HERE to learn more…
  • People with ulcers tend to experience the most severe symptoms between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., when the body’s production of stomach acid is highest.
  • The majority of asthma attacks occur in the middle of the night (4 a.m.), when the body produces fewer substances (known as bronchodilators) that keep the airways open.
  • Understanding our body’s rhythms and patterns—and recognizing changes in them—can be important to preventing and treating disease. The adrenals and the brain are important organs for maintaining an unimpaired and coordinated circadian system, yet some circadian rhythmicity persists even after removal of either one of these organs, adding support to the concept of a cellular circadian component in the genetically anchored chronome. CLICK HERE to find out more…

About Us

The purpose of this web site and all available contents on it will be evident to all who may care enough to pursue them. Our work is in not new, but it is devoted to people who care enough about their own existence and world around them to contemplate different ways to look at situations and then make positive changes and improvements.